2022 DIGI+ X TCA 全球數位新星大賞 Global Digital Talent Awards

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❝「DIGI+ Talent跨域數位人才加速躍升計畫」與「TCA人才循環交流推動計畫」於六個月內培養學生跨領域數位技能,並能與跨領域人才合作產出專題,誠摯邀請所有對「跨領域」、「人才培育」有興趣的夥伴,一同共襄盛舉!❞

發布日期:2022-11-17 17:19:00

 活動日期 / Date: 2022/12/01 09:00 ~ 2022/12/02 17:00


活動內容 / Event Details:

「DIGI+ Talent跨域數位人才加速躍升計畫」與「TCA人才循環交流推動計畫」於六個月內培養學生跨領域數位技能,並能與跨領域人才合作產出專題,「2022 DIGI+ X TCA 全球數位新星大賞 - 期末成果展」將是研習生盡情展現的舞台,這次我們將活動搬回了實體場域,我們深信,面對面的交流將更有溫度,誠摯邀請所有對「跨領域」、「人才培育」有興趣的夥伴,一同共襄盛舉!


For the past 6 months, the “DIGI+ Talent Accelerator and Jumpstart Program” and the “Talent Circulation Alliance (TCA) Program” have been working tirelessly together with the Training Institution to develop interdisciplinary digital skills for both Taiwanese and foreign students. Now, we present to you the 2022 “DIGI+ x TCA Global Digital Talent Awards,” an event showcasing our trainees’ exceptional final presentations! For this year, we have moved the event back to the physical setting, as we truly believe that having face-to-face communication will allow us to connect better. We excitedly invite everyone interested in interdisciplinary studies or talent cultivation to come join us!


◩ 四大亮點 Key Highlights

  • ✦ 4大洲研習生專題合作 | 來自4大洲、21國家的國際研習生專題合作!
  • ✦ 5大數位經濟領域專題 | 橫跨「人工智慧、資料科學、智慧聯網、智慧內容、數位行銷」五大領域豐碩專題成果!
  • ✦ 42組簡報發表競賽 | 30家實務研習單位組成42組簡報,激盪創新應用的火花!
  • ✦ 42攤成果互動展示 | 來到攤位前交流體驗,與團隊深入聊聊!
  • ✦ Intercontinental Collaboration | Trainees from 4 different continents, and 21 different countries working hand-in-hand to create marvelous projects together!
  • ✦ 5 Interdisciplinary Project Topics | Final projects span the fields of “Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Smart Networks, Digital Content, and Digital Marketing!”
  • ✦ 42 Groups of Final Project Presentation | 42 presentations from 30 Training Institutions presenting creative and innovative ideas, sparking innovation with their applications!
  • ✦ 42 Interactive Booths & Presentations | Join us in person to visit all the booths, and talk to each team to get to know about the projects!

◩ 策展概念 Exhibition Concept

「2022 DIGI+ x TCA 全球數位新星大賞」由「跨產業」的實務研習單位,率領國際研習生一同參與。因此展覽主視覺意象,代表著「跨國籍、跨文化、跨領域」的團隊合作。每個圓圈都不是閉鎖、獨立的,他們彼此交疊、纏繞,象徵多元融合的國際級競賽,研習生們將登上舞台展現專業與創意,在星空中綻放絢爛的光點。

“2022 DIGI+ x TCA Global Digital Talent Awards” is a “Project Presentation/Awards Ceremony” jointly organized by the two programs, led by cross-industry Training Institutions to bring out the best of Taiwanese and international trainees. Our event theme signifies “cross-national, cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary”, with each circle intertwining and overlapping with one other, symbolizing diverse yet internationally-integrated competition. The trainees will display their professionalism and creativity on stage and share their learning experiences with each other throughout the event.


◩ 活動議程 Agenda

【Day 1】12/1 (Thu.) 09:00~18:00 期末成果簡報 Project Presentation

第一天為研習生Pitch Day!由42組輪番上陣簡報發表,展現六個月來的成果精華。


給你一個起手式,「嘿~我很喜歡你們的作品…」就這樣走到攤位搭訕一點也不難 : )

Our first day is Trainees’ Pitch Day! 42 groups of trainees will take turns to demonstrate their Final Projects to the public on the stage. There will be booths around for you to learn more about their projects or ideas if you’ve missed their presentation! Approach them casually by saying “Hey, I love what you are doing”, and we believe that this will be a great way to start a conversation :) Don’t forget to vote for your favorite booth!


【Day 2】12/02(Fri.) 10:00~17:00 頒獎典禮Awards Ceremony





We will be continuing our booth visiting at the start of the second day! Vote for your favorite booth using the token you’ve received at registration! Anddddddd… Our most anticipated event of the year—The Awards Ceremony—will be held in the afternoon! We will share the ups and downs of both programs, invite distinguished guests to express appreciation and recognition for our Training Institutions, and announce the final result of the project presentations! Join us and cheer for your favorite team!